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The Malta Mystery

The Malta Mystery
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Format Taschenbuch
Autor Lebek, Hans

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The Malta Mystery

von Hans Lebek / Übersetzung von Josie Le Blond

Deep in the labyrinthine caves of Malta a secret lies hidden. One that can never be allowed to see the light of day...  Music student Alisha's holiday on Malta becomes a dangerous adventure when her friends Axel and Jens discover the entrance to a mysterious cave while climbing on the Dingli Cliffs. When they fail to return from their next trip, Alisha begins to fear the worst. Suddenly she too finds herself in danger from a powerful group of local figures. Alisha has no choice but to go into hiding. An archeology student, Raul, is the only person left on the island she can trust.

Together they head off to find her missing friends. On the way they stumble across a horrifying discovery. As they penetrate further into the labyrinth, Alisha grows increasingly certain that Malta's secret should never be allowed out into the open...




Roman, 245 Seiten (Standardformat) / 405 Seiten (Sonderformate)

ISBN Taschenbuch Standard-Format: 978-3-86254-173-7
ISBN Taschenbuch Sonderformat Mini: 978-3-86254-175-1

ISBN Taschenbuch Sonderformat Großschrift: 978-3-86254-174-4

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The Malta Mystery
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