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Second Life

Second Life
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Format Taschenbuch
Autor Lebek, Hans

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Second Life

von Hans Lebek / Übersetzung von Josie Le Blond

Harald Hauser is suddenly taken ill and misses his plane. As he watches the flight take off without him he knows he’s missed the last chance to save his doomed logistics company in Berlin from going under. But on seeing the plane explode in mid air he realises he’s experienced a lucky escape, a twist of fate. Now begins Harald‘s new life, a second life, as a dead man. Harald rushes to tell his wife Sylvie and partner William of his plan to cash in and share out the insurance money only to discover he’s been the victim of a cruel betrayal. Harald’s schemes of ultimate revenge spiral out of control in Munich and Berlin. Deprived of an identity and a past, Harald‘s second life rapidly goes off the rails...




Roman, 250 Seiten (Standardformat) / 360 Seiten (Sonderformate)

ISBN Taschenbuch Standard-Format: 978-3-941839-07-6
ISBN Taschenbuch Sonderformat Mini: 978-3-941839-09-0

ISBN Taschenbuch Sonderformat Großschrift: 978-3-941839-08-3

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Second Life
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